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Why it pays to buy membership with Russian online dating service?

Statistics shows that normally a western men, who's serious about considering marriage with a younger Russian mail order bride, woman aged 18 - 29, is a man with average or at least stable income, divorced, between 40 to 55 y. o., with one kid, who had a relationship with an American woman, but for some reason got disappointed about the prospects of having a family with her.

Sometimes it's an American man, who was abandoned by his wife or partner, and who's child or 2 children were given custody of their mother. The other of such men are citizens of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, UK, South Africa, or wealthier Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, or upscale men from India or Japan. The majority of those marriage-minded man are highly educated or are very successful businessmen.

The other group doing their online research regarding their own chances of finding suitable Russian mail order bride or a single woman from Ukraine on the Internet, are men in their forties, divorced or separated, not stable, or even temporarily unemployed, who sign up for free membership offered by many conditionally free online dating services. These can hardly be considered as real customers of Russian matchmaker agencies.

Men, joining Russian mail order bride introductions services as paid members (meaning they are ready to pay at least for translations of their correspondence with a woman who they liked) typically give their preference to girls or women in the age group 23 - 35, sexy and pretty by appearance.

Even if these single men state in their photo personal ads posted at the marriage agency's website that the most important thing to them is woman's adherence to the traditional family values, they still prefer brides that look attractive and are young, even if such women have already been divorced and have one child from their former marriage with a Russian man. Language barrier doesn't seem to be perceived like a problem even by those men who are reluctant to pay for the translation of the correspondence.

Mind, though, marrying a woman, whether locally in America, or from foreign country like Russia, Belarus, or Ukraine, involves spending money, and this is what Russian women understand as well. If you don't have 100 dollars for translations, you are supposed not to be able to find another $ 4000 (normal price for bringing Russian bride to America, where you could legally marry her) to invest into buying a Romance tour to Russia to meet her in person and then bring her to your home country to get married with. Therefore clever Russian women will just ignore men's efforts to contact them using the free online translation software like Google Translator, serving between the two of you as mediator. Stinginess is your first line of defense against women!

To summarize what has been said above, here's the bottom line. The marriages arranged by Russian online dating agencies statistically have produced exponentially lower rate of divorce between American, UK, Australian, or Canadian men and Russian mail order brides than marriages with their fellow country women.

That's the statistics, not opinion. Still not discouraged?

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