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There is common opinion of Russian men that most of them are alcoholics, haters and not financial stable. That's why Russian women do not love them, do not want to get married with Russian men and rather be alone than live with them. Also living in Russia considered to be not interesting and unpromising nothing good in life. That's why idea to escape this terrible country comes to mind for big part of woman, especially for young ladies in age of 18-25 years old. But this is not truth, living in Russia can be quite picturesque and impetuous, and Russian men are not so bad as described.

So why Russian girls are willing to get married abroad?

Actually reason is other: they want to get a good husband. As a rule Russian men are not good husbands they are nice but family life traditions in this country are not. Grown-up mature men act as he was accustomed from far childhood. It is not due he is bad, it's just natural. The environment and society influences to a large extent. There are lots of Russian families which moved abroad after marriage and now they are doing pretty nice. The wives are living happy, raising their children up, enjoying new life. You cannot live in country and be free of its traditions. The true causes why Russians are not able to become a good husbands are alcohol abuse, and their poor health conditions. Applying big amount of alcohol has its roots in the society life. Young Russian girls of 18 years old have no problems to find suitable soulmate of their age. The problems start later.

There is 10 million of Russian woman are single and looking for marriage

One of the most weighty reasons is demographic situation in country. According to the latest population census in the Russian Federation on October 9, 2002 population of 67,605,000 men and 77,562,000 women. According to this account, the beginning of 2004 the number of men and women, respectively, decreased to 67,024, and 77,144,000 people, and the sex ratio in the total population increased from 1147 to 1151 women per 1,000 men.

Russian women are more likely than men do not have a husband.

As a result, significant differences in mortality and age composition of males and females differ significantly by marital status.

According to the 2002 census, out of every thousand Russian women aged 16 years and over:

  • 526 were married (including those in unregistered - 51)
  • 180 - widowhood
  • 110 - divorced
  • 175 - have never been married.

Of every thousand men aged 16 years and over:

  • 627 were married (including those in unregistered - 61)
  • 36 - widowhood
  • 76 - divorced
  • 251 - never married.

The share of never-married women is minimal - 33 per 1,000 women - in the age group 60-69 years. Among women 70 years and over, it was 52, about the same - 51 - among women 40-44 years of age. Among younger women, this figure is higher: 68 in the age group 35-39 years and 109 in the group 30-34 years.

The share of never-married men than among women the same age to the age group 50-54 years and men older - less monotonically decreasing to 10 per 1,000 men 70 years or more.

The largest share of married (registered or not) in women between the ages 35-44 years, about 720 per 1,000, while among men 65-69 years - 809 per thousand. Consisting in unofficial marriage the most - about 93 per thousand - among women 25-29 and men 30-34 years of age.

Among women 65-69 years, the number of widows is almost comparable to the number of single unmarried (425 vs. 444), and in later years - significantly higher than the (658 vs. 229). Among men, even 70 years and over the number of widowed significantly less than the number of single unmarried (246 vs. 712).

The largest number had divorced in 2002 at the age group 35-49 years among men, it was about 120, and among women - about 163 in 1000.

As a result, in the middle and older ages, Russian women are more likely than men to live without a mate. On this basis it would not be fair to say that most of Russian women want to escape Russia. Most of them would be happy to live with their family, friends on their native country. But they are forced to look for foreign marriage because of huge popularity ratio.

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