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Some of the foreign western men who had an opportunity to travel to Russia got an impression that many of young single Russian women were positive about chance to get married to a foreigner and relocate abroad. Have to admit, that that impression of theirs is true. That is a tendency, existing among the Russian women of the marriage age not only in bigger cities of Russia like Moscow or St. Petersburg, but also in the distant provinces like Tyumen, Archangelsk or Omsk.

Thus, Russian women being in demand among western men, and western men being in demand among Russian ladies served as a reason of appearance of numerous online dating services specializing in introducing sexy and beautiful Russian women to western marriage minded male audience. In the eyes of Russian women western husbands got an image of being wealthy, smart, well educated, and capable to provide for them good standard of living in one of the rich western countries.

Regardless of the motivation, such mutual interest in each other must be a good thing, since over the past years it has statistically resulted in many happy marriages. If you are interested in trying your chance of romancing Russian woman too, here is the easiest way to do that:

Like any of the girls above? Contacting them is very simple. All girls on the pictures are real, pre-screened members of the Russian online dating service. Just click on the image of any of them, and you'll be brought directly to her photo personal profile allowing direct contact with the lady via video chat room or by e-mail.

How to find and marry Russian bride

There are two alternatives for men wondering how to find and hopefully to marry a Russian bride. A man can either start looking for a Russian bride on his own through endless number of free online dating sites that are not run by marriage agencies, and they will find lots of absolutely free to contact Russian girls there. Though, such sites bear no responsibility as for the genuineness of the persons listed there for that simple reason that they are free just for anyone to join. It's recommended that you use one of the numerous marriage agencies' run online dating services in your search for your future wife. The agencies offer the amount of security you need, and eliminate your risk of facing a trivial scam. If you are able to follow a few simple rules and can listen to your old good common sense, then you are just doomed for success with Russian women.

Russian matchmakers

It's quite a time since they have been on the scene, and their methods haven't changed much. In principle, nothing radically new was added to the ways they work. The agencies have the databases of Russian eligible women from one side and databases of the personal ads of western men that are interested in finding specifically a Russian order wife. Men join as members after paying membership fee. The women join for free. It's men who pay for the additional online dating services like translation of correspondence where they feel it's needed (you may also use some free Internet based translation tools), interpretation of conversations in Russian women chat rooms or phone talks, flower and gift delivery, romance / marriage tour arrangements, fianceé services etc.

US based Russian marriage agencies

Some of the agencies are based in Russia, while others are located in the USA, Canada, Australia, or any other western country, where local men show enough interest in Russian women. We'd recommend using one of bigger, western country based marriage agency, whose legitimacy arouse no doubt and who adhere to the international marriage broker regulations act. Throughout this website we feature only women that are listed with long existing marriage agencies that have been seriously in the Russian mail order bride business for years. With them men's chances for successful online dating with Russian women increase exponentially.

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